Michigan House of Representatives

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Anderson House Office Building
124 North Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

Mailing Address:
House of Representatives
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
House Business Office
Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Clerk's Office
Ph: 517.373.0135
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Public Wireless Internet Access

In June of 2005, as part of an ongoing effort to ensure the transparency of, and citizen's access to, state government, the Speaker announced the availability of public wireless Internet access (WiFi) at the House of Representatives. The network is accessible to all guests in the public areas of the Anderson House Office Building and specific areas of the Capitol Building.

Using the House WiFi network couldn’t be easier. Most of today’s wireless devices will automatically detect the network once they are within the broadcast area. Guests choosing to access the Internet through the network will initially be asked to comply with our Guest Wireless Access Acceptable Use Policy. From there they will be taken to the House of Representatives Internet home page, where they can easily follow the legislative process or access any other Internet resource. The House WiFi access is provided as a public service and is free of charge.

House WiFi Hotspots

WiFi IconThe WiFi network spans the House legislative campus, which includes the Capitol and the Anderson House Office Building. The specific areas of wireless network access (“hotspots”) include:

Capitol Building - The House Appropriations Room, fourth floor Committee Rooms and the third floor Visitor Gallery above the House Chamber.

Anderson House Office Building -  Public areas of the first floor, including the Cora's Cafe eatery; in and around the 3rd floor Committee rooms, 5th floor Hearing rooms and the Mackinac Room (conference hall).

Hardware / Software Requirements

Computer IconWi-Fi enabled laptops or devices may connect to HPUBnet. Any device that supports wireless networking, and has an Internet browser installed, should be able to use the House Wi-Fi hotspots. The House does not loan computer equipment or provide technical assistance for personal devices.

Network Functionality

Wireless IconThe WiFi network is designed to provide basic wireless Internet access and as such:

  • It provides up to a 802.11n shared connection speed.
  • It provides Internet access online.
  • It has the same Internet content filter (inappropriate sites) used by Representatives and staff.
  • Does not provide access to any House print services.

Technical Support

Tools IconThe House does not offer technical assistance to guests choosing to use the WiFi hotspots. We strongly suggest that you test your equipment, and become familiar with your specific WiFi hotspot connection process, prior to visiting the House of Representatives.

Security IconSecurity and Privacy Concerns

The security of your computer, or PDA, with regard to personal information, viruses or spyware, is your responsibility. The Michigan House of Representatives assumes no liability for any damage or loss incurred while using our public network access.


FAQ IconHouse Wifi FAQ's

Still have questions about the House Wireless Network? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page.